Modular Synthesizer Petting Zoo – Feb 24, 2018

In what was described as sounding like “[…] a computer lost in space, filtered through a black hole, underwater  and intermittently electrocuted“, SkullSpace held its annual Modular Synthesizer Petting Zoo this past February 24.  Members of Winnipeg’s electronic music community and general noise enthusiasts alike gathered for talks on audio production, mind-shattering soundscapes and, most importantly, an afternoon of fiddling with incredible synthesizers!

CBC’s Colton Hutchison came down to indulge in our sonic madness and interview some of our synthonauts – check out his article and recordings here!


For a taste of the sonic madness, you can give this track a listen:


…or press play below to indulge in the full-blown odyssey that is SkullJam #6. The choice is yours~


Many thanks go out to our organizers and all the members that helped make this event shine!




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