Member Benefits

Quick checklist of things you get

  • Get Key Fob 24/7 Access for 374 Donald
  • Get Discord Access (free for all, actually!)
  • Get IRC Access
  • Get your <name> gmail address
  • Get Google Drive Access
  • Get subscribed to the announce@, describe@ email lists
  • Get Google Calendar Access + Space Reservation Access

Community Involvement

When you join SkullSpace, you instantly get access to a community of like-minded people working at the intersections of technology, IT security, art, and design. Build your network, get new ideas for your next project, or learn new skills by engaging in our vibrant community. We’re serious about what we do!

24/7 access to SkullSpace

Your membership comes with a digital access fob to use the hackerspace 24/7/365. With our great downtown Winnipeg location in the Exchange District, we know you’ll be visiting often!

Equipment & Parts

SkullSpace has a wide range of tools and supplies, including (but not limited to!): A 3D printer A CNC machine An electronics workbench with soldering/desoldering equipment An overflowing supply of electronic parts including resistors, capacitors, switches, motors… you name it! Access to a library of cool electronics, computers, and books held off site

Servers & workstations

Learning Resources

We have a large library of books and magazines on programming, electronics, and hacking, which we try to refresh as often as we can. You’ll also find a collection of fiction books too.

Board Game Library

Our board game library has been growing since day one, and is now overflowing! We have over 50 different board game titles and ample gaming space.

Classroom & Presentation Space

SkullSpace has created a pop-up presentation space with seating for over 60 people that includes a projector, tables, and whiteboards. We also rent this space out to interested groups looking to hold meetings or presentations, and as a member you can book the space for free.


Our lounge is an ever-evolving space with couches, carpet, a great sound system, and a projector for movies and games. We frequently host movie nights here and it’s always a blast.


For food hackers, we have a small kitchen space where you can prepare meals and create new concoctions. Did someone say molecular gastronomy? Gmail Account

To round off your membership, you also get a email address.