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SkullSpace is a non-profit community organization run solely by its members. Our membership dues cover most of our expenses, but we rely on donations to help us fund events, cover irregular costs, and keep our hackerspace stocked with equipment. If you are interested in contributing, there are a few ways to do so.

Equipment donation

If you’re interested in donating equipment or consumables to SkullSpace, we have a wishlist here:

Equipment Wishlist

Please note that we have a few guidelines as to what we accept:

  • PCs, servers, and laptops: We accept any equipment 0-7 years old, rare equipment (RISC, Sun machines, etc.) or anything ‘retro’ (over 25 years old).
  • Any routers and wireless equipment.
  • Switches: anything with a gigabit interface is accepted (we have too many 10/100 devices).
  • DDR or newer RAM, and 80-pin SCSI hard drives.
  • Monitors: LCDs only, please.

If you have computer/electronic equipment that needs recycling that doesn’t fit our acceptance requirements, please visit Mother Earth Recycling.