A hackerspace wouldn’t be a friendly place for a cat with all the live tools, member allergies, and neglect.

So, Skullspace has a CryptoKitty instead. These are breedable collectibles that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Show your love for Skullspace and CryptoKitties by buying our latest cat. We’ll transfer full control and you can breed, rename, re-sell etc. We can even mail you a paper wallet with the relevant Ethereum keys if you’d find that a convenient way to take possession. (no software or Ethereum required)

Most of the proceeds will go to Skullspace and a small amount will be used to purchase the next Skullspace CryptoKitty (serial N+1).

A record of your purchase will appear here with your name or “anonymous”.

Skullspace Serial #: 0
Name: Skulla
Owner: Skullspace
Will sell to member for: $100
CryptoKitty Serial #: 364718
Rarest catribute: oldlace
Generation: 4
Children: None (virgin)
Parents: #292576 and #335159

Contact Mark Jenkins <> to purchase.