A hackerspace wouldn’t be a friendly place for a cat with all the live tools, member allergies, and neglect.

So, Skullspace has a CryptoKitty instead. These are breedable, collectible, non-fungible tokens (NFT) that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

Show your love for Skullspace and by buying our latest cat. We’ll transfer full control and you can breed, rename, re-sell etc. We can even get you a paper wallet and key punched into steel for with the relevant Ethereum keys if you’d find that a convenient way to take possession. (no software or Ethereum required)

Most of the proceeds will go to Skullspace and a small amount will be used to purchase the next Skullspace CryptoKitty (serial N+1).

A record of your purchase will appear here with your name or “anonymous”.

Skullspace Crypto Kitty #0 is currently available by private offer.  Contact Mark Jenkins . Offers need to be a significant donation to Skullspace that will support the space, cover the cost of transfer, and cover the cost of us getting the next cheap kitty in the chain. (Skullspace Kitty #1)

In addition to being transferred on the Ethereum blockchain and this page we will document the sale and its connection to Skullspace on .

Skullspace Serial #: 0
Name: Skulla
Owner: Skullspace
CryptoKitty Serial #: 364718
Rarest catribute: oldlace
Generation: 4
Children: None (virgin)
Parents: #292576 and #335159