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Who we are

SkullSpace is a hackerspace in Winnipeg, founded December 2010. SkullSpace is a place for hackers, builders, programmers, artists, and anybody interested in how stuff works to gather in a common place and help focus their knowledge and creativity.

How to join

If you're interested in checking us out, or joining up, come check out one of our weekly meetings! They're held Tuesdays at 6:00pm at our space (2nd Floor, 374 Donald St). We're also open on Friday evenings, the third Saturday of each month, and throughout the week. See our calendar for more information. You can also visit us on IRC - #SkullSpace on FreeNode.

We also encourage everybody to subscribe to our Mailing lists, Facebook, and Twitter - that's where you'll get up-to-the minute news!

If you think you're interested, fill out the required Paperwork and come to a Tuesday meeting.

For more information, see our wiki.

Where we are

We're conveniently located downtown, two doors down from Yellow Dog Tavern, on the 2nd Floor of 374 Donald St., Winnipeg MB - Google Maps

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