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SkullSpace is a community organization run by a great group of members. Our membership dues cover most of our expenses, but we rely on donations to help us fund events and cover irregular costs. If you are interested in contributing, there are a few ways to do so.


Who doesn't like cash? If you come to an event at SkullSpace (we have open meetings each Tuesday) you are welcome to donate some cash in exchange for some food or drinks from our canteen. You can also give cash directly to one of our directors. They know what to do with it.


Don't feel like leaving the house? We get that. We accept one time and recurring PayPal donations just for you!


Do you like the future? You have come to the right place. We accept Bitcoins to the Bonehead Bitcoin Endowment Trust: Funding the SkullSpace of the Future!

Bitcoin address: 35RRPxpKJARa2SrLVpXieRQdQtv2947kMx


Are you the kind of person that spends money? If so, we have a special deal for you! We offer gift cards through FundScrip to over 180 retailers. You pay for the value of the gift card plus shipping (about $0.87) and we get commission of about 3%. Donate to SkullSpace by buying the things you would buy anyway! How cool is that?

To get cards, go to and sign up using our invitation code, SS5BMZ. We ask that when you checkout you use Electronic Fund Transfer or Online Bill Payment. Credit card or InteracĀ® payments reduce the commission.